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Furfuryl Alcohol Supplier Manufacturer's Representative

CAS Number 98-00-0, EINECS EC Code 202-626-1, Molecular Weight 98.10, Chemical Formula: C5H6O2

FInOrIC, etymologically derived from our business line of Fine Inorganic, Organic and Industrial Chemicals, is the internationally preferred source for Chemicals. With customers in 55 countries across 5 continents, we source and sell most chemicals. Backed by company owned & operated full-fledged chemical manufacturing facilities in Midland & Houston, Texas with associated manufacturing sites in India and Dubai we are a truly multi-national chemical manufacturer and distributor.

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Furfuryl Alcohol Manufacturers Specifications

MSDS Sheet of Furfuryl Alcohol Manufacturers

Furfural Alcohol
CAS Number 98-00-0 Suppliers
Furfuryl Alcohol

CAS NO.: 98-00-0
EINECS NO.: 202-626-1
H.S. CODE: 2932.13
SYNONYMS: 2-Furylmethanol; 2-Hydroxymethylfuran; 2-Furancarbinol; 2-Furanmethanol; Furfural Alcohol; Alpha-furylcarbinol; FA; 2-Furfurylalkohol (Czech); Alcool Furfurylique.

Specifications of Furfuryl Alcohol:
Appearance: It is a clear amber liquid with a faint burning odor and a bitter taste.

Furfuryl Alcohol Normal Grade:
Furfuryl Alcohol, Assay,: 98.0 % minimum
Furfural: 0.7 % maximum
Moisture: 0.3% maximum
Cloud Point: 10C maximum

Furfuryl Alcohol Super Grade:
Furfuryl Alcohol, Assay,: 99.0 % minimum
Furfural: 0.1 % maximum
Cloud Point: 10C maximum 

Packaging: 240 kg per drum ,19.2 ton/20 feet container. Other packing can be given.

Furfuryl alcohol, also called 2-furylmethanol or 2-furancarbinol, is an organic compound containing a furan substituted with a hydroxymethyl group. It is a clear colorless liquid when pure, but becomes amber colored upon prolonged standing. It possesses a faint burning odor and a bitter taste. It is miscible with but unstable in water. Furfuryl alcohol has been used in rocketry as a fuel which ignites hypergolically (immediately and energetically in contact) with white fuming nitric acid or red fuming nitric acid oxidizer. Because of its low molecular weight, furfuryl alcohol can impregnate the cells of wood, where it can be polymerized and bonded with the wood by heat, radiation, and/or catalysts or additional reactants. The treated wood has improved moisture-dimensional stability, hardness, and decay and insect resistance. The major use of Furfuryl Alcohol is in the production of resins for bonding foundry sands for production of cores and moulds. The binder system contains Furfuryl Alcohol in monomer or polymer form. Used for corrosion-resistant, resinous mortars for joining corrosion- resistant tiles or bricks in fabrication of reactors, storage tanks, fume stacks and floors. Resins and catalyst systems made out of Furfuryl Alcohol are used for making fiberglass reinforced (FRP) tanks, scrubbers, stacks, hoods, ducts, pipes and similar items Furfuryl Alcohol resins are used to bond carbon or graphite aggregates into shaped parts. Used in Phenolic and Urea-Formaldehyde resin systems as a modifier. Furfuryl Alcohol is an effective viscosity reducer for epoxy resins. Furfuryl Alcohol is also used as a chemical building block for pharmaceutical drug synthesis, especially Ranitidine which goes into formulation of anti-ulcer drug.

Furfuryl Alcohol Manufacturers:

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Palletized and Shrink Wrapped 25kg 50kg 55 lbs Export Import Palletized and Shrink Wrapped Drum Packing Furfuryl Alcohol Manufacturers

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