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Encapsulated or Encap Controlled Release Oxidizing Gel Breaker for Fracturing, Manufacturers and for Manufacturers' Representative Fracturing

FInOrIC, etymologically derived from our business line of Fine Inorganic, Organic and Industrial Chemicals, is the internationally preferred source for Chemicals. With customers in 55 countries across 5 continents, we source and sell most chemicals. Backed by owned full fledged chemical manufacturing facilities in Midland & Houston Area Texas  with associated manufacturing sites in India, Dubai and USA we are a truly multi-national chemical manufacturer & distributor. Fracturing and Fracking Industry can rely on our 24x7 - 365days service including week-end deliveries.

Most of our or our partner facilities are either FDA-cGMP, ISO-9001, Halal and Kosher, ISO-14000, REACH, ISO-22000, and/or HACCP certified.

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For MSDS Sheet Click MSDS of Encapsulated Gel Breaker for Guar in Fracturing or Fracking Oil Well

Spanish Interruptor de Gel encapsuladas

Russian Инкапсулированное гель выключатель

Russian Капсульный персульфат аммония для высоких температур FinoBreak HT

Arabic قواطع هلام المغلفة

Oxidizing Gel Breaker
Encapsulate or Encap Controlled Release Breaker Suppliers
Gel Breaker Encapsulated for Oil Well Fracturing

Oil field – Oxidizing Gel Breaker for Guar slurries used in fracturing. In fracking or frac jobs, after proppant is placed, fluid viscosity needs to be reduced.  All Guar based systems can be broken using oxidizing breakers. GB-2 generates free radicals of oxygen to efficiently oxidize and break all types of guar gels.
Manufacturing – Polymerization initiator.
Water Treatment.

Coated or Encapsulate Ammonium Persulfate, based coated chemical to be active at 140F or 60C called low temperature delayed release gel breaker is used for breaking gel up to temperatures of 200F or a little more.
Coated or Encapsulate Potassium Persulfate based coated chemical to be active at 195F or 90C called high temperature delayed release gel breaker is used when significantly higher down-hole temperatures up to 300F or 150C are expected. A little more temperature is OK.
Coated or Encapsulated Sodium Bromate based gel breaker for very high temperatures. It will not be active up to 240F or 115C and is suggested for use at 280F to 330F or 138C to 165C.

Chemical Structure:
GB-2 is a Persulfate salt manufactured by electrolyzing Ammonia and Sulfuric Acid in a palladium cell. We offer both immediate release and encapsulated delayed release version.

We offer controlled release temperature dependent material having specifications as under:

Active matter: Ammonium persulfate 80%
Temperature dependent coating: 20%
Mesh size: 15-40mesh
Specific Gravity: Approximate 1.75

Route of Action: Free radical generation starts upon dissolution is water and is accelerated at fluid temperatures of 120 F and above.  GB-2 can be used up to fluid temperatures of 200 F.

Gel Breaker Release
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This graph is when tested in harsh condition, reported by our customer. We ordinarily test it at 160F (71C) in water under 100rpm agitation and the graph comes as under:

Slow Release
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An independent chemist of a user has reported the following comparison of our product. This is tested in a different way.

Russian Breaker Comparision
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The above data is for a material with 20-25% coating and 75 to 80% active. We offer various coating percentage. Generally coating up to 37% is used depending on the temperature of usage.

Compatibility: Compatibility with brine, calcium chloride, KCl solutions as well as all known fracturing fluids, gels, cross-linkers and additives. It is extensively used in oil well drilling, fracturing or fracking.

Environment: GB-2 is not hazardous to the environment.

50 lb pails, 1200 lbs per pallet.
55 lb pails, 1320 lbs per pallet.
55.1 lb bags, 2204 lbs per pallet; 2204 lb super sacks, 1 per pallet.
Special pack sizes available upon request.

Availability: Beasley, TX.

DOT Classification: Haz Mat, Class 5.1 Oxidizer; UN 1444, 5.1, III.

We also offer Potassium Persulfate, Sodium Bromate Instant and Slow Release Encapsulated.

Encapsulated Gel Breaker Manufacturers:

Finoric LLC
Beasley Houston Pleasanton Midland, Texas, USA.
Also Oklahoma, OK and Williston, ND USA

Tel: 1-855-346-6742 (1-855-FINORIC)

Most products offered from our Houston TX, Midland TX, Pleasanton TX and Oklahoma, OK and Williston, ND area warehouse

We are looking for Technical Sales Representatives or Business Associates in New York, Williston North Dakota, Mansfield Pennsylvania, Zanesville, Ohio and Los Angeles Area, USA.

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Palletized and Shrink Wrapped 25kg 50kg 55 lbs Export Import Palletized and Shrink Wrapped Drum Packing Gel Breaker Encapsulated for Oil Well Fracturing Fracking Drilling

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