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Fast Hydrating Guar Gum Slurry Powder Granules Supplier Manufacturers and Manufacturer's Representative for Fracturing

FInOrIC, etymologically derived from our business line of Fine Inorganic, Organic and Industrial Chemicals, offers chemicals for Oil & Gas Exploration, Hydraulic Fracturing, Production, Stimulation, Coiled Tubing, Food & Feed Ingredients, Mineral Fortifiers and Pharmaceutical Excipients, in 55 countries across 5 continents. Backed by company owned & operated full-fledged chemical manufacturing facilities in Pleasanton, Midland & Houston, Texas with associated manufacturing sites in India and UAE we are a truly multi-national chemical manufacturer and distributor.

Our services are 24/7 deliveries, including week-end deliveries, well site logistics in ISO tanks, logistics & warehousing across the US and world, sourcing from overseas, manufacturing overseas, quality control, OSHA, DoT & GHS compliance, etc.

Most of our or our partner facilities are either FDA-cGMP certified, ISO-9001 certified, Halal and/or Kosher certified, REACH pre-registered ISO-22000 HACCP.

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Fast Hydrating Guar Gum
Slurry Powder Granules Fracking or Fracturing Aid Suppliers
Fast Hydrating Guar Gum Slurry Powder

Spanish Leche y polvo de goma hidratante de hidratación rápida

Russian Быстрое увлажнение гуаровой смолы и порошка

Arabic سريع الغرينية الصمغ غار الصمغ ومسحوق

Specifications of Fast Hydrating Guar Gum Powder Slurry Granules for Fracturing. You are here

Specifications of Guar Gum Agglomerated Powder, Granule of Food Grade

MSDS SDS of Guar Gum Powder Granules

MSDS SDS of Guar Gum Slurry

Guar gum is derived from guar plant, produced mainly in India, USA, Pakistan, Australia, Africa and China. Guar gum powder of the different variety is offered. Guar gum has great thickening properties. Guar gum can be used for thickening cold and hot liquids, to make hot gels, light foams and as an emulsion stabilizer. Guar gum can be used for cottage cheeses, curds, yogurt, sauces, soups and frozen desserts. It's very big use is in oil exploration, hydraulic fracturing.

Guar Gum Powder Granules for Hydraulic Fracturing Application: It is FHG grade guar which may be called fast or quick or rapid hydration guar gum powder. FHG guar gives viscosity in a few minutes, unlike the other grades, that takes a couple of hours.

FHG is slurry-able up to 50% solids in diesel fuel. The polymer has excellent pump ability at 50% solids, minimal settling in #2 diesel fuel, good hydration out-of-diesel into the aqueous phase and good thermal stability. It has excellent shelf life as dry powder or in the diesel slurry.

MSDS SDS of Guar Gum Powder Granules

Specifications of Fast Hydrating Guar Gum Powder Granules
Color Off White / Ceramish
Mesh 200 Mesh retain 02% for Powder
Texture Fine powder soluble in water
Ash 01.00% Max.
Protein 05.00% Max.
Moisture 07.00% Max.
Gum (By Diff) 85.00% Min
pH 5 to 8

Apart from guar gum powder, we also offer agglomerated guar gum powder, that looks like granules and has the same surface area and speed of dissolution as that of the powder. Fast-dispersible granules are like powders except instead of being dust-like, they are formulated as small porous granules of 20-100 mesh. They are more easily measured and mixed on site. They want form gel-like undissolved lumps in solution. Because of low dust, they cause less inhalation hazard to the operator during handling.

Guar Gum Slurry, 4 lb/ga, FHG 40-45

Guar Gum Slurry is suspension of high quality Guar Gum in a Mineral Oil and is used as a viscosifier in hydraulic fracturing and is the preferred source for guar gum due to its rapid hydration and the fact that by using slurry potentially damaging fish-eyes are not formed.

MSDS SDS of Guar Gum Slurry

Specifications of Guar Gum Slurry:
Parameters Specifications
Appearance Light Cream, Liquid
Fann Viscosity @ 3 mins* 40
Fann Viscosity @ 60 mins* 45
Odor Mineral Oil

*0.48% Hydration @ 25 deg. C; Fann-35 Viscometer @ 300 rpm; 2.5 mins stirring at 1,500 rpm)

Compatibility: Compatible with known fracturing fluids additives.  A compatibility test is always recommended.

Environment: Not hazardous to the environment. 

Typical Dosage: Typically used at 1 to 4 GPT

Temperature Limitations: Can be used across a wide temperature range, no lower or upper temperature limitations on performance.  Use of Oxygen Scavenger is recommended at high temperatures.  Has been effectively used up to BHT of 350 F.

Packaging: 330 ga one way totes, 275 ga one way totes, 55 ga drums and bulk tank trucks

Availability: Pleasanton, TX; Beasley, TX and Midland, TX

DoT Classification: Not Regulated


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Palletized and Shrink Wrapped 25kg 50kg 55 lbs Export Import Palletized and Shrink Wrapped Drum Packing Fast Hydrating Guar Gum Slurry Powder Manufacturers

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