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Calcium Nitrate CAS No.:13477-34-4, EINECS: 233-332-1; Molecular Weight: 236.15, Chemical Formula: Ca(NO3)2.4H2O
Calcium Nitrite CAS No.:13780-06-8, EINECS: 237-424-2; Molecular Weight: 132, Chemical Formula: Ca(NO2)2.

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Calcium Nitrate
Technical & Pure
Calcium Nitrate

Calcium Nitrite
Technical & Pure
Calcium Nitrite


Calcium nitrate, also called Norgessalpeter (Norwegian saltpeter) is the inorganic compound with the formula Ca(NO3)2. This colorless salt absorbs moisture from the air and is commonly found as a tetrahydrate. Calcium Nitrate is used in various technical applications. Apart from fertilizer, its most important uses are waste water pre-conditioning for odor emission prevention and set accelerating concrete admixtures.

The waste water pre-conditioning bases on establishing an anoxic biology in the waste water system. At the presence of Nitrate the metabolism for Sulfates is stopped. This results in prevention of hydrogen sulphide formation. Additionally easy degradable organic matter is consumed, what otherwise can cause anaerobic conditions downstream as well as odor emissions itself. The concept is also applicable for surplus sludge treatment

The Calcium Nitrate use within concrete and mortar applications bases on two effects. The Calcium ion leads to an earlier formation of Calcium Hydroxide and thus precipitation sets off faster and the setting time gets reduced. This effect is used also in cold weather concreting agents as well as some combined plasticizers. The Nitrate ion leads to Iron hydroxide formation. Those protective layers reduce the corrosion of the concrete reinforcement


Formula : Ca(NO3)2.4H2O
Description: Calcium Nitrate Tetrahydrate
Specific gravity: 1.82
Melting point: 42.7 Degree Centigrade
Nature: Highly hygroscopic in nature. Soluble in water, alcohol, acetone
Appearance: White deliquescent crystal
Purity: 99% minimum
Loss on drying, Percent by Mass: 31.5% maximum
pH of 40% aq. Solution : 5.5 to 7

Uses: Calcium nitrate tetrahydrate is useful as a fertilizers and as a coagulant for Rubber latex. Calcium nitrate tetrahydrate is employed in the preparation of matches, fire works, explosive, incandescent gas mantles and radio tubes. It is used extensively as a coagulant by rubber glove manufacturers.


Calcium Nitrite is an inorganic chemical that finds use in re-enforced concrete. Calcium nitrite acts as a corrosion inhibitor. Calcium nitrite protects steel re-enforcing bars from chloride induced corrosion. Calcium nitrite is carried to the jobsite in a Ready Mix cement truck. At the jobsite the calcium nitrite is already incorporated in the concrete batch before the batch is poured. Once poured the calcium nitrite goes to work protecting the steel re-enforcing bars.

Calcium nitrite is made by reacting hydrated lime with NOX gas. Typically the NOX gas for calcium nitrite production comes from a nitric acid plant. At the acid plant ammonia is burned to produce the NOX gas for acid as well as calcium nitrite production.


Calcium Nitrite Anhydrous 92% Min
Appearance: white or light yellowish powder, toxic, soluble in water deliquescence
Calcium nitrite Ca(No2)2 :92%min
Calcium nitrate Ca(No3)2 :6.0%max
Water insoluble matter :1.0%ma
Moisture :1.0%max

Calcium Nitrite Anhydrous 94% Min
Appearance: white or light yellowish powder, toxic, soluble in water deliquescence
Calcium nitrite Ca(No2)2 :94%min
Calcium nitrate Ca(No3)2 :4.50%max
Water insoluble matter :0.5%max
Moisture 1.0%max

Uses: Calcium nitrite has been used as a corrosion inhibitor against chloride attack and as a set accelerator in concrete for more than 20 years. Considerable data are available concerning its effects on corrosion inhibition, setting times, freeze-thaw resistance, strength, and other properties. It is widely used in building & construction industry, such as seashore, sea-bottom, harbor concrete construction work, subway, airport, civil building , etc.

Using Calcium Nitrite solution at negative temperature can promote the hydration of minerals in cement, and the freezing point of operative temperature can be reduced to -20οC. Calcium Nitrite can protect steel from rust in concrete buildings and structures to extend the useful life of concrete buildings. Calcium Nitrite can be sued as corrosion inhibitor for lubricating agent. Calcium Nitrite can also be used in pharmaceutical, dyes and metallurgy industries, etc.

Calcium Nitrate Manufacturers; Calcium Nitrite Manufacturers:

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Calcium Nitrate Manufacturers;, Calcium Nitrite Manufacturers

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