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Phenyl Ethyl Propionate Phenethyl Propionate Manufacturers Specifications & MSDS Sheet

FInOrIC, etymologically derived from our business line of Fine Inorganics, Organics and Industrial Chemicals, is the internationally preferred source for Chemicals. With customers in 55 countries across 5 continents, we source and sell most chemicals. Backed by company owned & operated full-fledged chemical manufacturing facilities in Midland & Houston, Texas with associated manufacturing sites in India, Dubai and China we are a truly multi-national chemical manufacturer and distributor.

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Phenyl Ethyl Propionate
2 Phenethyl Propionate, Fragrance & Flavor
CAS No.122-70-3, EINECS No. 204-567-7; FEMA No. 2867
Molecular Weight 178.25, Molecular Formula C11H14O2
Phenyl Ethyl Propionate

Phenyl Ethyl Propionate Manufacturers MSDS Sheet

Fragrances & Flavors are the most pleasing sensual media to reach to the Almighty and the hearts of those created by him. In their natural form they are becoming too scarce and costly for common man to afford. Human beings are now making fragrance that are superior to the natural ones. tenacious odor with a delicately spicy note (warm-balsamic).

Widely used in perfume compositions like ylang, rose, jasmin, lavender etc. Due to its discretely spicy & balsamic note, it can be utilized in almost any herbaceous, woody or oriental type fragrances.
It is a classic moss-rose. It produces warm tonalities with benzoates, salicylates, styrax, and cinnamic alcohol etc.
Frequently used in flavor compositions for imitation of strawberry, honey, raspberry, peach, tobacco flavor etc.

Appearance Clear, Colorless Liquid
Acid Value <1.0
Sp. Gravity 1.010 to 1.020
Ref. Index 1.493 to 1.496
Assay >98.0% by G.C.
Molecular Weight 178.23
Basic Identification Information About This Chemical
Chemical Name Phenylethyl propionate
CAS Number 122-70-3
U.S. EPA PC Code 102601
CA DPR Chem Code 2094
Use Type Fragrance, Dog and Cat Repellent, Insect Repellent, Insecticide, Pheromone

Phenethyl Propionate Manufacturers
Phenyl Ethyl Propionate Manufacturers:

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Phenyl Ethyl Propionate Manufacturers Phenethyl Propionate Manufacturers

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